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Making Music at our Farmers Markets!

No market is the same without the vibrant heartbeat of live music, and we want you to apply to showcase your talents! 

  • Musical Applicants are reviewed and selected by a Jury.

  • We typically book 1 musical individual or group per market.

  • Unsolicited Buskers are not allowed to perform inside a market where we have hired a working musician to perform.

  • Booked musicians are paid a base fee to play for 2 hours of the market (typically 11am-1pm, with break), but may play up to the duration of the market for tips.

  • All tips earned are entirely yours to keep. We never take a percentage.

  • Musicians are contracted to play Rain or Shine.

  • All of our markets are outdoor events. Upon request, we provide a source of power however you will need to provide your own gear and extension cord (150-feet), as well as any desired shelter from both rain and sunshine.

  • We appreciate a wide variety of musical expression, however CROP Farmers Market is a family-friendly event and all music performances must be, too!

  • Musicians accept responsibility for being aware of U.S. Copyright Law and fully respect its authority with regard to the playing of live music. By submitting this application, musicians certify that any music played at CROP Farmers Markets and Farm Events is of their own authorship, properly licensed or in the public domain.


Send us a sample of your music, either a CD by mail, or a link to online sample AND submit the ONLINE APPLICATION below.


Live Musician Performance Application

Thanks for submitting!

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